Adopt some clean air

You can make the difference

Maybe you have an electric car in London or New York or Paris. Maybe you do not need a car. But you do care about the environment our children will inherit. To clean our Planet we need environmentally friendly behaviours. You can impact the adoption of electric vehicles. Emerging markets are accounting for the worst pollution and this is affecting the whole Planet. Indian cities are among the most polluted cities in the world, with millions of people in bad health or risking their lives. Electric cars are the most positively impacting solution. However, changing behaviours it is a matter of opportunities, and requires a positive attitude that can be learned just because it is more convenient. Provided we can offer the infrastructure, an affordable charging, a top level service and allow to access all of this to an ever growing portions of people around the world. qMobility, the collaborative mobility, is providing all of this. We want you to be part of this electric revolution, to help to solve the climate crisis we are living in.

Please adopt a charging point and save qCoins in your daily life so that you can make the difference.

Adopt a charger

You can make the difference

You can support the adoption of environmentally friendly behaviours by adopting a charging station. Put your name on it, or your children’s, or in loving memory of a dear person. It is an investment for a social and environmental dividend, but it will come back to you as financial return.  It is called “impact investment”, a from of ethic investment that gives financial returns to you or your company, with tax benefits for you (depending on your jurisdiction).

Please a adopt a charger now.


Generate impacts with your daily sustainable choices

As a Member of the qCommunity (and if you are not yet, please join us), charge your electric car with us, earn qCoins and invest them in clean air by allowing either the automatic adoption of a charging station in Emerging Countries as an investment, or you can subsidise the cost of electricity for drivers in an Emerging Country, so that drivers over there are incentivised to adopt and use electric vehicles, using only clean electricity, being users like you are. You save, they save, you clean the air, they clean the air. This is our collaborative vision.

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