Future ready

Wireless charging, vehicle to grid, peer-to-peer charging

eVe is future-ready. It supports wireless charging, peer-to-peer charging, vehicle-to-grid interactions, putting the interest of our customers first. eVe offers the availability of electricity in a battery to the grid (vehicle-to-grid exchange) or to other users (peer-to-peer exchange, tethered or via induction) setting the pricing in the interest of our Members, granting range first, so that the vehicle always serves our user needs. The availability and actual use of electricity by the grid for balancing purposes or another member user for getting more range are paid to our users.


Balancing service are paid

Electric vehicles require power and can unbalance the local grid if they charge at the same time. On the other side, electric vehicles are batteries on the wheel and they can provide energy to the grid for stabilising it. This is a vital issue for the big grid they manage as well as for mini-grids on company sites, therefore the electricity distribution companies (Discoms) would pay our Members to access their batteries and use it to balance the grid, i.e. to avoid energy cuts

However, their approach is to offer to pay for the availability and actual use of a battery in their interest. We arrange the relationship to the advantage of our Members, granting them to go home and making money for their flexibility.

Wireless charging

New technology

Induction charging is a wireless technology for charging without tethering vehicles to chargers. Electric vehicles stop under a device (currently used for rapid charges of buses) or over a platform embedded in the tarmac and receive the requested charge in a matter of minutes.

Wireless technology will also be used for exchanging energy from one vehicle to another, allowing to top-up on the go anywhere another Member is.

Peer-to-peer charging

Exchange anywhere

Using tethered or wireless exchange our Members will be able to exchange energy among themselves, allowing to top-up on the go anywhere another Member is.

eVe shall take care of finding the opportunity and set the exchange price in a win-win situation.